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This is a list of publications by our research team members that relate to various aspects of our research on Digital Visual History.

Ebbrecht, T.  (2010) “Migrating Images: Iconic Images of the Holocaust and the Representation of War in Popular Film”, Shofar 28:4 (2010): 86-103.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2015) “Preserving Memory or Fabricating the Past? How films constitute cinematic archives of the Holocaust”, Cinéma & Cie XV:24 (2015): 33-47. Special Issue “Archives in Human Pain: Circulation, Persistence, Migration” ed. by Alice Cati and Vincente Sanchez-Biosca.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2015) “Locked Doors and Hidden Graves. Searching the Past in Poklosie, Sarah’s Key, and Ida”. In: Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Images, Memory, and the Ethics of Representation. Ed. Gerd Bayer and Oleksandr Kobrynskyy. New York: Wallflower/Columbia Univ. Press, 141-160.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2015) “Echoes from the Archive: Retrieving and Re-viewing Cinematic Remnants of the Nazi Past”, Edinburgh German Yearbook 9 (2015): 123-139. Special Issue “Archive and Memory in German Literature and Visual Culture” ed. by Dora Osborne.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2016) “Trophy, evidence, document: appropriating an archive film from Liepaja, 1941”, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 36:4 (2016): 509-528.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2016) “Three Dimensions of Archive Footage: Researching Archive Films from the Holocaust”, Apparatus – Film, Media and Digital Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe 2-3 (2016) – Special Issue “Ghetto Films and their Afterlife” ed. by Natascha Drubek.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2016) “Witnessing Emotion: Encountering Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies in Documentary Films.” In: Preserving Survivors Memories: Digital Testimony Collections about Nazi Persecution. Ed. Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Michele Barricelli, Gertrud Koch. Berlin: EVZ, 164-173.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2016) “Goebbels’s Fear and Legacy: Babelsberg and Its Berlin Street as Cinematic Memory Place”. In: Persistent Legacy: The Holocaust and German Studies. Ed. Jennifer Kapczynski and Erin McGlothlin. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 229-248.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. and Paget, D. eds. (2016) Docudrama on European Television: A Selective Survey, 285 pages, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2017) “Archives for the Future: Thomas Heise’s Visual Archeology”, Imaginations – Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies 8:1 (2017) – Special Issue “New Research on East Germany” ed. By Marc Silberman.

Stiassny, N. (2018) “Anselm Kiefer/Ingeborg Bachmann: The Landscape”. In: Maria Wakounig and Ferdinand Kühnel (eds) East Central Europe at a Glance. Wien: LIT, 273–292

Stiassny, N. (2018) “Beyond the Local Discourse: Re-Thinking the Israeli-Jewish ‘Hitler-Wave’”. Israel Studies, 23 (2): 118–141

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2019) “Resonating Trauma: Framing Conflicting Memories of the Entebbe Hostage Crisis”, New German Critique 46:2 (137), 91-116.

Ben-Moshe, Y. / Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2019) “Terror Films: The socio-cultural reconstruction of trauma in contemporary Israeli cinema”, Images – Int. Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication XXV: 34, 69-86.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2019) “Blind spots, in the Present: The National Socialist Past in Recent Austrian Films”, zeitgeschichte 46:4, 535-555.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2020) “Media Resonance and Conflicting Memories: Historical Event Movies as Conflict Zone.” Memory Studies, 27 February 2020.

Ben-Moshe, Y. (2020) This is Your Trauma, Not Mine! Terrorism and Trauma in Recent German Films. In Unsere Väter, unsere Mütter. Deutsche Generation seit 1945. Ed. V. Benkert. Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag, 105-130.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2020) “Double-Occupancy and Delay: Claude Lanzmann, The Last of the Unjust, and the Archive.” In: The Construction of Testimony: Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah and its Outtakes, eds. Erin McGlothlin, Brad Prager, and Markus Zisselsberger. Detroit: Wayne State UP, pp. 207-232.

Stiassny, N. (2020) “Occupying (Imagined) Landscapes”. In: Jeremy Taylor (ed) Visual Histories of Occupation: A Transcultural Dialogue. London: Bloomsbury, 247-268.

Ben-Aroia, B. / Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2020) “Memorials as Discursive Spheres: Holocaust and Second World War Iconography in Public Commemoration of Extremist-Right Violence.” Memory Studies, 29 September 2020.

Ben-Moshe, Y. (2020) Picturing Hitler: Artificial Tension and the Historical Film. andererseits: Yearbook of Transatlantic German Studies 7:8, 237-252.

Henig, L. / Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2020) “Witnessing Eva Stories: Media witnessing and self-inscription in social media memory.” New Media & Society. 8 October 2020.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann, T. (2020) “Commemorating from a distance: the digital transformation of Holocaust memory in times of COVID-19.” Media, Culture & Society. 24 December 2020.

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